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We strive to provide you with the most efficient service possible at Foundation Repair. We offer well-executed repairs and payment plans. With years of experience at foundation repair Springfield Illinois, we provide timely repairs, friendly customer service, and exceptional workmanship. We are always eager to share important information and processes with you.We would love to engage with you further on any questions or concerns you may have. Here are some ways you can get in touch with us.

On-Line and on-line support
You will find a list of all of our service pages as well as reviews; please look over all of the services we offer; you may find some useful information that has been made available to you; additionally, we provide a simple on-line support system for quick chat line assistance option or to log a call out with one of our professional experts.

Call us
We have provided a list of telephone numbers for you to use, kindly select the service you are looking for and a number will be provided directly linking you to the correct department.

Old-fashioned email
You will find both our general email address and specific service email addresses for your convenience.

We will call you
If you prefer a call back from one of our service experts, kindly provide us with your full contact information on the link below, it will be helpful to provide a short summary on what you require, this will help us to provide a better service to you when we reach out. You are important to us. We will contact you back immediately and will assist you to the very best of our abilities.

old house rests on 65 foot long steel girders as a new concrete basement and foundation is being constructed.
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