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Foundation FAQs

In most cases, foundation issues can be avoided if they are detected early on. However, because many people aren't construction experts, you wouldn't know what to look for. That is why you have reliable professionals in this field who specialize in all aspects of your foundation, waterproofing, and repair requirements. When it comes to a property's foundation solutions, there are many frequently asked questions, ranging from repair techniques, integrity compromises, and methods used. Below are some frequently asked questions we have received- we hope that these questions and answers are of help to you. If you require further assistance, we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have for us.

How do you know there are foundation issue?
Most people aren't even aware of their problems until they become quite visible and are seen through some major cracks that start to progressively worsen over time and will eventually cause many other problems. Identifying a problem is as simple as taking a quick walk around your house, looking for any changes, old cracks that have worsened, and new cracks. If the cracks are large in size, you have a more serious problem to deal with. On many occasions, you may not notice any problems at all until they become very serious.

Are we safe when there is a foundation issues?
It’s only normal to feel uneasy if you are aware of a foundation issue on your property. Foundation issues can vary from minor to serious; we would be able to advise you on the severity of the situation after a proper inspection has been conducted . A property, whether a house or an office building, is supported by a variety of structural panels and support barriers. Having foundation problems does not necessarily imply that your building is unsafe or on the verge of collapsing. It will be safe for you to occupy the space unless otherwise advised.

How does one identify the extent of damage?
As previously stated, there are numerous ways to conduct a self-assessment in and around your home to determine the extent of any damage. First, take a walk around the room to identify and record any cracks in the flooring and walls. Pay close attention to any cracks that are larger and wider in size, such cracks will intensify sufficiently in a shorter period of time. And these are the ones to be most concerned about. Take a close look at the exterior walls and grading around your house as well. A good drainage system around the outside of your home is essential for preventing water damage and further extent of pre-existing damage.

What guarantees do I get on repair work?
A reputable company, like ours, will provide you with the best guarantees on workmanship and products used. We believe it will solve the problem the first time. If the problem is properly resolved, you can be confident that your foundation repairs will last for many years. Our products are approved and organic. We offer sound service, products and advice for all of your requirements.

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