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Foundation Repair

Foundation problems aren't always obvious; in most cases, you'll only notice them when they've gotten out of hand and caused a lot of other problems. The foundation will need to be repaired when the main structure is compromised or damaged. Below we will touch on some methods we use in identifying and rectifying these types of foundation issues. . If left unattended compromised foundation integrity will result in a list of other expensive repairs.

Identifying the problem

Keep in mind that settlement crack lines are not the same as real foundation problems; settlement is an unavoidable part of every new construction and will be visible in all frameworks. Make a note of any changes in your home, such as cracked walls and tiles. The foundation settles over time, causing damage. It is critical to remember that not every crack you discover is the result of foundation problems. This could be due to poor workmanship or the use of the incorrect materials. We will perform an in-depth foundation evaluation and inspection for you.

Causes of foundation issues resulting in the need for repairs

There are numerous theories about foundation damage and what causes it. Keep in mind that all natural elements, such as water and overall movement, have a significant impact on your foundation. Water is the most common cause for foundation problems as water causes moisture allowing soil under your foundation to swell and shrink. Concrete softens and cracks due to moisture. Temperature surprisingly affects your foundation because colder temperatures prevent effective water evaporation, and in warmer conditions, the soil becomes dry and hard, causing foundation settling. As much as those are the most common reasons for foundation repairs, improper construction could also be the root of your problem. It is critical to have your foundation checked if you notice any significant changes, and this is one of the many services we offer.

The methods of foundation repairs

To begin, an evaluation is required to determine the problem as well as the cause of the problem. Our team is comprised of highly qualified individuals to assist with such an exercise. We offer a range of methods, as listed below

  • Slab jacking,
  • Beil bottom piers,
  • Modification methods for the soil under the foundation bed,
  • Steel pressed piling
  • Concrete piling
  • Sealants

The method of choice will be determined by the severity of your foundation problem. Foundation repairs can be costly, but they are well worth the fix

What are the warning signs?

You may not notice any obvious signs of shifting in your property; you will need to keep a keen eye out for such movements. Aside from the fact that any shifting should not be visible to you, if you are able to easily see a shift, you are in need of immediate assistance. Simply inspect your interior and exterior walls for cracks in the walls and flooring. Hairline settlement cracks are small and thin cracks that you may be able to identify, whereas more serious cracks are much longer and thicker in size. Another sign of a problem is if your doors and windows suddenly become more difficult to close or latch.

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